We never stop studying our clients' needs and gaining experience through every project, explore CG technology, and optimize internal structure and system. We have very rich data base of 3D city model and other resources. Most importantly, we have our lovely and imaginative 3D artists. All that we are striving for is to help our client win competition and gain reputation, through our high quality renderings.

More services include:

  • Panorama rendering

  • Motion still rendering

  • Drone photo montage



It is our unchanged belief that at initial stage of a project, we shall brainstorm with our client to provide our creative ideas for the video, trying to find most appropriate way to portrait unique beauty of its design. Simple and easy communication, touching and appealing video, this is what we are in pursuit of.

More services include:

  • 2D&3D multimedia/diagram analysis

  • Green screen characters

  • Customize Character

  • Drone filming

vr 封面.gif


We constantly pursue technological innovations. Our immersive and interactive products are used for different purposes, including architectural design study, design competition, marketing and etc.We hope audience could have a strong sense of reality even when in virtual environment. And by unique features of VR&AR, more interesting and exciting application will be created.

More services include:

  • real time render(it’s allowed to export infinite rendering and short animation. Material and design option switch will be easy to obtain)
  • VR-Motion VR-360 animation
  • VR-Still
  • Immersive VR
  • Touch screen VR



ATCHAIN provides diversified services for marketing purpose, including showroom design total solution, marketing videos, interactive display, web and app design, etc. We believe the integrity of narrative approach, the consistency in artistic design and the science technology in display skills are the key elements through the marketing process. We always devote ourselves to focus on enhancing client’s marketing quality enhancement via the perfect combination of digital display and technology art.